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Custom Metal Signs: Everything You Have to Know

Do you know how to take out most of your custom metal signs? Why are they so popular or how could they enhance your whole decoration? Although they can seem expensive, the truth is that they are more affordable than you might think. They are also at the top of versatility and durability as signage material. Keep reading to know everything from how they are made and what they can do for you.

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How Custom Metal Signs Are Made?

Metals are very versatile materials. For this reason, throughout history metal signs have been made using almost any available one. Especially cast iron, extremely popular for decorations. However, today it is steel and aluminum that dominate the world of signs.

Steel can be molded into any type of sign. It is also cheaper in general. However, steel requires more processes during its manufacture and finishing to ensure adequate sign durability. For this reason, steel signs ended up being stainless steel. On the other hand, aluminum is a much more popular option. This is because it does not require treatments to prevent oxidation or deterioration. It is also three times lighter than steel and its durability comes naturally.

The manufacturing process will depend on the type of sign to be made and the metal to be used. But as a thumb rule, sign shape and content are defined first. From there, the most appropriate metal thickness is chosen. Once everything is decided, production starts. A pre-treatment is carried out on the surface to later apply the art. Finally, depending on the metal, finishing processes are carried out and the sign is ready to be mounted.

Some time ago it was common for custom metal signs to lose their paint over time. However, today it is possible to print directly onto metal. Applying UV printing techniques can achieve the best finishes, extend the useful life, and lower production costs.

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Custom Metal Signs Advantages.

  • Top resistance and Longevity

Metals are among the strongest materials for signage production. That is why custom metal signs are not easily damaged. Thanks to its constitution, it will take a stronger material to scratch them. Also, since they are properly treated, they can be used as both indoor and outdoor signs. They can endure all weather conditions from heavy rain to direct sun. They also require little to no maintenance. So, if you invest in a custom metal sign, you can expect a long-life piece.

  • Versatility and Customization

Metal natural versatility together with expert handcrafting allows near infinite possibilities. Color, shape, shining, and place are all elements to consider for creating the right piece. This is perfect for situations where signage is also a key element of the decoration.

  • Easy installation

Closely related to the previous point. Thanks to the versatility of the, how to install the sign can be taken into consideration from scratch. By doing this, producers can guarantee easy installation signs that will hardly fall off. And this is true even if we do it ourselves.

  • Outstanding Compatibility with other decorations

Following the line, we must highlight this point. Both Aluminum and Stainless Steel have natural colors that mix well with many decorations. This is true regardless of the color finishing, both polish and mate. Thanks to this it is common to go one step forward with custom metal signs when designing the decoration. Its metallic glow is a natural eye-catcher, and it will add a prominent sense of elegance to the place.

  • No more damages due transport and storage

This is a common problem, especially for those businesses with tons of signs. Is more likely for a sign to be damaged while storing or transporting that being used. This risk is drastically reduced when we talk about metal signs. Not only shape will remain intact thanks to metal’s durability. But also, colors tend to preserve better, especially for direct printed signs.

  • Cost-Effective

Final point is the best one. Regardless of all these advantages, custom metal signs are quite affordable. Stainless steel shines when compared to other metals. Even aluminum signage costs will surprise you. Neither of them costs a fortune, but they certainly look like they did. That’s why it is a smart move to use as a key element for your decorations as well as conveying your message. You will get a professional and elegant look.

This is true for all metal signs out there, but of course, your custom metal sign will bring a few more advantages to you because it will be made to fulfill all your needs. To achieve this, we bring you free estimates just a click away. We are ready to help you to bring your dreamed decoration to life!

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