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What can I offer? Will my audience like it? Will it sell well? Which strategy should I use? These are all questions we can ask ourselves when we are thinking about creating products and getting customers. Whether you have a brand built, you are starting, or just want people to know about you, if you are thinking about which marketing products are suitable for your business, here are some ideas that will help you decide.

Branded and Promotional Products

A good product is less than half the work, the rest will depend on your strategy and how you develop it. Therefore, before choosing any marketing products, we recommend you identify your intention.

Marketing products Promotional vs original

Each of your products on the market should be branded, and each of it will undoubtedly serve as a promotion to some extent, but the important distinction is that the Promotional Product intends to give your client an original way to always remind you and contact you. On the other hand, Branded Products will not carry your telephone number or your social networks stamped on the front page (they can always be on the back label), but rather they are looking to give something new to the public, something original.

Marketing products as Promotional Strategy.

The main idea is to be at the hand of your client, not only easy to remember but helping as much as possible. For this it is good to consider strategies focused on support:

  • Solve a problem: to sum up, the direct option. If you are there to help you will always be in their thoughts. For example, the classic pen we saw upper, although today almost any useful item can carry your logo and information on them.

  • Surf a trend: We all need to drink water, many also have a deep love for coffee, so how about a Promotional Drinkware? You know the amount of time we spend sitting on the computer or driving: promotional cushions. Or similarly, how about promotional notebooks for those who write a lot? The idea is to be with your customers most of the time.

  • Go Classy: dont doubt about the effectiveness of traditional Promotional Products, such as business cards, calendars, magnets and stickers. Even in the digital age, these products are still highly effective and are always at hand, can be carried in the wallet or be in a visible place. Look for nice designs.

Marketing Products as Enlarge Strategy.

Of course, your intention may be to take advantage of these mass-produced products to create your original offer; moreover, this is one of the most used strategies for growing, and its implemented not only for new business.

Pre-produced Marketing Products can be your solution, but you must be especially creative to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Some advices:

  • Art first: Especially if you are the artist! Even if its the same T shirt that everyone has and the only thing they have is a print, your designs will make you unique and they will build your image.

  • Work on campaigns: Don`t believe that making some designs that turn out to sell good will be enough, even to keep you in float. Market is always in movement; if you work in a campaigns-blocks scheme you can have constant iteration, always learning what your audience likes and getting constant feedback.

  • Keep an eye on the competition: Remember that your intention is to reach people, for this, it is best to listen them. Read the latest news from your niche, look at the actions of experts and dont be afraid to try to predict trends.

Above all, Marketing Products are easy to get and a quick option to reach your customers without being a producer. In SignsExpress we have all variety of promotional products and experts ready to advise you and work on your ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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