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A Great Logo – 5 Characteristics Every Logo Should Have

Logos. There are millions of different ones, but how many of them can you remember? Exactly! Not more than a few, certainly not a hundred. This happens because, despite the wide variety, only the most memorable logos stay with the public, while the majority fall to oblivion. But why is this? Simple, some characteristics determine whether your logo is effective or not. Today we’ll tell you the top five essential logo characteristics.

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1 – Simplicity

A logo may have several characteristics, but keeping it simple is one of the most crucial to make it succeed. Honestly, the simpler your logo is, the easier to remember. And the reason is that we humans prefer simple patterns over complex images, especially if we have only seen them once for a couple of seconds.

Now, if you’re wondering if a simple logo will have the capability to convey your brand values and personality, the answer is yes. Just think of Nike or Apple. They don’t have complex logos. Their logos are simple but high functioning.

2 – It must have the right shape

Visual communication is the main idea of graphic design. Creating a logo involves knowing what to say and how visuals can say it. That’s why choosing the right shape is one of the essential characteristics of a logo. You can convey specific emotions and feelings by using appropriate colors and the form of the logo itself.

The shape is one of the main logo characteristics. It shall be simple but memorable. Thus you’ll get your audience/consumers engaged. Here we share with you a list of what some shapes may evoke:

  • Circles and ovals: Friendly, casual, inviting
  • Curvy lines: Playful, relaxing, intriguing
  • Triangles: Leadership, authority, dominance
  • Squares and rectangles: Efficiency, security, trustworthiness
  • Sharp angles and spikes: Aggression, edgy, gritty, offbeat
  • Horizontal lines: Stability, calm, reliability
  • Vertical lines: Prosperity, success, command

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3 – The proper business cues

“Cues” refers to particular inherent messages capables of influencing consumers’ buying behavior. These messages can be visual, written, or spoken, often needing few to a single element to convey.

But why are cues crucial for a logo to be successful?

The right business cue can help to communicate information fast and easily. Keep your logo’s cues in mind; they can convey instantly what the press would do with a whole article. Seek your logo to have cues that your target audience will understand.

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4 – It needs to be timeless

A logo should stand out from the rest and remain relevant over the years. Maybe choosing current trend designs might sound like a good idea, right? Well, not at all. The truth is that it won’t always be the best decision.

A logo might be undoubtedly good-looking now but might need to be redesigned in the future to keep it current. A timeless logo will never have this problem. They are focused on quality, on what works. In other words, they are focused only on your brand’s core values.

5 – Versatility

Versatility is our last essential logo characteristic. The ways, shapes, and situations of a logo define its quality. In other words, a logo needs to look great in all sizes and contexts. Therefore, we recommend designing with vectors since they’re meant to be scaled. On the other hand, traditional photo images usually pixelate when you resize them.

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Why are logos so important?

According to any dictionary, a logo is “a design or symbol used by a company to advertise its products, made up of text and images that identifies a business”. It’s the main image of your business, so it’s a vital part of your branding.

A logo grabs the attention of your target audience and makes a strong first impression. Extremely relevant because it’s the visual reference that will pop into people’s minds when they think of your business. Keep this in mind, you will need to make sure that your logo matches your business and brand identity. It should be well-designed.

This was just a quick review of some of the most essential characteristics every logo should have. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be so happy to assist you. And in case you want a high-quality logo, we offer you free estimates.

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