The Role of Signage in Building a Strong Brand Identity

Brand identity is one of the most important parts of any business. It’s like its personality, a fundamental aspect of how people perceive us, our products, and our services. But what role does signage play in all of this? Well, in today’s article, we’ll uncover the role of signage in building a strong brand identity. […]

How To Get Your Business The Best Design Ever

Design is one of the most crucial areas of any business. Companies with a solid design have a higher chance of conveying credibility and delivering a good impression. Besides, it also makes a difference in standing out from the competition. So if you wondered how to get an effective business design, this article tells you […]

Signage in Real Estate: Captivating Buyers and Maximizing Sales

If you’re into real estate, you might consider acquiring a for-sale sign; they are effective and affordable. But we know you’re wondering: “How can signage help me boost my real estate sales?”. Today, we’re answering this question, and you’ll find out why it’s essential to have for-sale signs in real estate, even nowadays. The Role […]

Signage Trends To Watch in 2023

Discover the latest signage trends for 2023, including sustainable, digital, and minimalist signage. By staying ahead of these trends, businesses can create eye-catching and effective signage that engages customers. Read on to find out how you can make your business stand out. Sustainable Signage Environmental concerns continue gaining momentum. And sustainability is becoming more relevant […]

Promotional Products | Such a Great Way To Boost Your Business

Do you want to boost your business visibility? – Promotional products are the way to go! Also known as SWAG (Stuff We All Get), these branded items create lasting impressions, increase brand recognition, build loyalty, and generate new leads. This guide will explain why small businesses should use promotional products while listing some of the […]

Choosing the right monument signage for your brand

To promote your business, choosing the right signage can make a big difference. In this guide, we’ll explore different types of monument signage, factors to consider when choosing the right one, and how to design and create custom signs that accurately reflect your brand and leaves a long-lasting impression. Types of monument signs Let’s learn […]

Effective Retail Signage for Holiday Marketing

Do you want to maximize your holiday marketing strategy? Using effective retail signage can be the key! In this article, we tell you how to use retail signage effectively to attract more customers and increase sales during the holidays. Stay with us to find out. Why is retail signage crucial during the holidays? Retail signage […]

How to Take Proper Care of Neon Signs

Neon signs are such a powerful tool to draw attention to your business. They are long-lasting light sources, so if you use them well, they’ll add more personality to any interior space. Although they’re generally easy to maintain, not everyone knows how to take proper care of them. Today we’ll tell you how to take […]

A Great Logo – 5 Characteristics Every Logo Should Have

Logos. There are millions of different ones, but how many of them can you remember? Exactly! Not more than a few, certainly not a hundred. This happens because, despite the wide variety, only the most memorable logos stay with the public, while the majority fall to oblivion. But why is this? Simple, some characteristics determine […]

Banners and Flags for Business

Banners and Flags for Business Big corporations and businesses have used banners and flags for years. They are such a great option to increase visibility. They have become one of the most beneficial marketing assets for most industries. These sorts of advertising are classic and highly customizable, and that’s why they are so popular even […]

Monument Signs | An explanation of how it will improve your business

Versatile, visible, unique. These three adjectives define it perfectly. Monument Signs are to be noticed by a person or a car passing by. They are such a powerful strategy to attract customers or clients. Whether they contain your business name or information for your customers, this kind of signs can make a huge difference. Let’s […]

Signs types you should add to your restaurant

At a restaurant, it is crucial to create the right atmosphere. There are several ways to achieve it, and signage is an essential one. Given all the different uses signage has at a restaurant, you will be able to provide the customer experience you’re looking for. But what types of signs should I get for […]

Different uses of Decals 

There are a lot of different ways of advertising, and the many uses of decals are among the greatest ways to do so. You can place them on your business vehicle, windows, or doors. Decals will certainly make your business look way better. In addition, they are highly customizable, thus you can choose the one […]

Metal Signs for your business – All you need to know

Showing off your company or business is one of the greatest pleasures in life. There’s nothing wrong with it, you absolutely should take pride in it. But have you ever wondered if there is any way to take advantage of it? Whether you have or not, let us tell you that one of the best […]

Best Performing Indoor Signs for Business – How important are they?

“The first impression is the last impression”, they say, and that could not be truer. If you want to give a good first impression to your customers, then you can do it by using indoor signs. In order to make your business look more attractive and achieve a long-lasting impact, indoor signage might be your […]

Benefits Of Light Box Signs for Your Business

The advantages of making a light box signs for your business range from visibility to impact. Although it seems impossible, it allows you to achieve better results while saving on energy, spare parts, and maintenance. An option that will allow you to enhance your reach and your possibilities, since its levels of customization are among […]

Adhesive Vinyl Graphics: Your Surfaces to a Whole New Level.

Adhesive vinyl is a simple way to market your business, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Discover how this decorative and avertising product can benefit your company. Self-adhesive vinyl is a great way to get your marketing message in front of people at a low cost. But what exactly is it, […]

Refacing signs. The right solution in many cases.

Things decay over time, it’s just natural. Especially our signs, which are often out in the open. Before completely replacing them, there’s another option you should consider: reface. This is not only a cheaper option for obvious reasons but can also have additional benefits. We recommend you read further to know the pros of refacing […]

Uses and Advantages of LED Lights

Surely, you’ve heard of LED lights, and who hasn’t? They are everywhere. LED lights are the new way of lighting: affordable, comfortable, and sustainable. In this article we will tell you what they are, what are their advantages over traditional bulbs and what uses they can be given. If you are interested in how to […]

Why big companies still use all kind of signs

Several times I have come across people who believe that because some big companies has earned a place in the market, it won’t need to invest more in advertising. They seem believe this because, in some way it is an “already known” business. If you are one of those, this article is for you. Today […]

Printed Stickers for business. A small yet powerful tool.

If we think of printed stickers for business the first thing that comes to our mind are colorful designs to stick everywhere. And although those are printed stickers, the reality is that they many more uses and forms. That makes printed stickers for business one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Regarding the […]

Neon Signs. Outstanding Results on Enhancing Places.

Neon signs have been a classic since their appearance over a century ago. Easy to recognize from far away, they are excellent for giving greater visibility to all kinds of elements. Also, although they bring out their best at night, when placed correctly they can be powerful at all moments. In this article, we’ll explore […]

How To Do Proper Signs Service

When it comes to this matter, there are 2 aspects you must know before doing any signs service. First, know what is the optimal schedule to take care of your signs. Just keeping some basic housekeeping habits will make your signs last longer. Second, learn to identify symptoms of sign’s wear and tear. This will […]

Custom Metal Signs: Everything You Have to Know

Do you know how to take out most of your custom metal signs? Why are they so popular or how could they enhance your whole decoration? Although they can seem expensive, the truth is that they are more affordable than you might think. They are also at the top of versatility and durability as signage […]

Pros And Cons of Signage Direct Printing

Surely you already know that different types of signs work for different situations. But did you know that how it is printed is also decisive for optimal results? At SignsExpress we have prepared an article for you about direct printing for your signage. This is a kind of obvious solution that will boost your sign […]

Top 6 outdoor signs for business

Are you deciding which might be the best outdoor sign for that new store of yours? Here at Sign Express, we have created a list with our sincere opinion of the best outdoor signs for business. Any could be a suitable option, but to make this list useful for yourself, consider 3 things while reading […]

LED vs Neon Signs – Find Out Which One Is Better

Are you wondering what makes LED and sign (neon) to be different? You’ve come to the right place! Although experts have lots of arguments for each, we will explain everything about both signs in a comprehensive manner. This article will let you know the difference between both and help you make your own choice. Neon […]

Why Do You Need a LED Sign?

Billboards or sign boards have been used as effective marketing tools for decades. With the passage of time and increase of competition, the signboards have become bigger, bolder, and more defined. Besides their enormous size, now they have remarkable graphics to make them even more unique and catchy. But with these improvements, they have also […]

Channel Letters to Boost your Image

Channel letters signs are a three-dimensional signage composed by large individual letters. They are a great way to promote your business since its individual building design ensure the most visibility, and at the same time, allows to implement many design modifications to create an eye-catching sing in in all kinds of places. Here you´ll answer […]

Car Decals: Common Questions

Vehicles are, after humans, the ones that travel the most throughout the city; So using them to boost your business is one of the best strategies. If this idea has crossed your mind, you will surely know the Car Decals and know that they can fulfill this function. Here we will quickly answer the questions […]

Marketing Products Ideas

What can I offer? Will my audience like it? Will it sell well? Which strategy should I use? These are all questions we can ask ourselves when we are thinking about creating products and getting customers. Whether you have a brand built, you are starting, or just want people to know about you, if you […]

How to Make Real Estate Signs

When it comes to making the right real estate signs, there are many options of shape, size, material, style and placement; but the really important thing is to frame it within your brand strategy. In signsexpress we know that a sign is both the call to your target and an ambassador of your brand, that’s […]

Why Is Important to Choose the Right Color for Your Signs?

Nowadays, advertising is crucial for every business to catch customers attention, visibility is a very important element for outdoor and indoor signs. Many studies have shown that each color psychologically influence 85% of the people when deciding to enter or not in a store, and buying or not a product. Colors are capable of affecting […]

Love at First Sight: This Is Why You Need a Logo for Your Business

Love at first sight is the perfect phrase to describe why you need a logo for your business. Your Logo is the first image your customers relate to your business, brand or product. A logo is a unique distinction, a way to be identified from the competence and to define your market and purpose. A […]

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