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Refacing signs. The right solution in many cases.

Things decay over time, it’s just natural. Especially our signs, which are often out in the open. Before completely replacing them, there’s another option you should consider: reface. This is not only a cheaper option for obvious reasons but can also have additional benefits. We recommend you read further to know the pros of refacing signs, and to learn when it is better to reface or replace them completely.

What is, and what’s the utility of refacing signs?

In a nutshell, to reface a sign is preserve all possible elements from the existing structure, while bringing back the ones that had faded away with time. In many cases the reason is due to damage on the sign: the paint has peeled, some letters have fallen off, the light bulbs are foggy, etc. But refacing doesn’t just mean restore, it can be useful in other circumstances.

For instance. While replacing the paint or label that was covering the structure, it may be the perfect time to change the message. This way you can achieve a totally new sign without buying a new one. Another example in which refacing signs turns out an advantage is for seasonal signs. Instead of having multiple signs, you can just have one and advertise accordingly. Just like billboards do.

Refacing Signs Before

Refacing Signs After

Should You Replace or Reface Your Old Sign?

Most times, this is a cost-effective consideration, but budget may not be the only reason ask it. It is true that refacing signs will be cheaper than to get a new, but sometimes is what we’ll have to do.

The key aspect to evaluate here is the current integrity of the preexisting structure. Up front, if it is severe damaged, surely will be better to have a fresh start. But another thing to keep in mind is that leaving others prior structural details unattended might ended damaging the new work. So, the structure integrity will be key to really know how much work is needed and which option is best.

A third subject that might be relevant while asking if is best to replace or reface: the legal one. Sometimes, we’ll be needing to have the corresponding permits to change our signs. Refacing could turn out to be a more attractive option after considering this.

This is our summary to let you know where to look if you’re thinking in refacing sings. We hope you found it useful. If you still have doubts or want to take advantage of our free estimates to figurate out which is the best option to you, we are at your reach. Just contact us and we’ll gladly give you our professional support.

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