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Printed Stickers for business. A small yet powerful tool.

If we think of printed stickers for business the first thing that comes to our mind are colorful designs to stick everywhere. And although those are printed stickers, the reality is that they many more uses and forms. That makes printed stickers for business one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Regarding the material they can be printed on paper or vinyl. Aesthetically they can have all colors, be transparent or have effects (metallic, glitter, mirror, holographic, iridescent, color changing). They also can have some special characteristics, such as being waterproof, reusable or weather resistant. And most importantly, they can be used in countless ways, not just gifted as goodies with your other products.

In this article you will find many ideas to use printed stickers for business in a creative and efficient way.

What can printed stickers do for your business?

Let’s start by mentioning the obvious use. Printed stickers can be part of your broadcast strategy, being given away as goodies for merchandising. They are ideal for placing your branding everywhere, sealing packages with them, for instance.

Another powerful use of printed stickers for business is to add key details. For instance, a real case: your parcel has been printed and they forgot the expiration date or the barcode. In this situation a strip of small stickers can help you save your entire product. Another case when this applies is when we import products that require additional information to comply with our local regulations. Just a professional sticker will solve the situation.

To finish with the small stickers; Another powerful alternative is to make them in a way that provides solutions to your customers. The classic example would be a calendar, but since today we all have one of those in our cell phone, we must be more imaginative. If you have a service business, identifying items and tracking services are key issues. You can use stickers to identify items in a fast and non-invasive way. Even if your customers bring you identical products

But the uses of printed stickers for business don’t stop there. In the field of large prints, stickers bring out the best in themselves. Some of the most effective advertisements are based on covering vehicles with stickers, which when moving around transmit your message. They are also very powerful in dressing glass, windows, and walls. They are quick to design and place, and since they are custom made, they are perfect to complement your decoration.

Tips to take out the most of printed stickers for business

  1. Before anything else, ask yourself this question:

    How my product will be used? This key question will give you an idea of the needs and issues to consider. If you get any of those, you’ll give your clients the best possible sticker product for their needs.

  2. Print On the Back

    This might sound silly but thinks about it. Is there any reason why not take advantage of all the spaces? It is true that when the sticker is stuck nobody will see it back; but is equally true that to stick it you must look at its back.

    What to print on the back? That depends on your campaign. Your location and contact information will be perfect. But how about some coupon codes to increase engagement? Or even some tips of how to use it. It is a literal full white space of possibilities.

  3. Stick Them on Yourself

    As we mention before, all size of stickers and decals have its advantages. Windows vinyl and car decals are one of the most effective eye catchers. So, the first thing to do while running a sticker campaign, is to leverage on your assets. Use your vehicles and store to increase the visibility of your products.

These are just a few ideas of how printed stickers for business can be a powerful tool. Contact us and tell us about your goals, we have free estimates, and we can help you take your business to the next level.

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