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Car Decals: Common Questions

Vehicles are, after humans, the ones that travel the most throughout the city; So using them to boost your business is one of the best strategies. If this idea has crossed your mind, you will surely know the Car Decals and know that they can fulfill this function. Here we will quickly answer the questions you might have about them.

What are Car Decals?

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Car decals are art, images, lettering or even graphics, printed onto a vinyl material with an adhesive backing. These are cut on specific shape to then placed on any type of vehicle. The word came from the short for decalcomania; by definition: “a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface, such as glass”. This makes that any stickers that you put on your car could be call as a car decal. So that raise the next question…

What is the difference between a sticker and a Decal?

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As we see before, there is no absolute answer, some people even use the terms as synonyms, or to refer to similar products like clings or magnets. Nonetheless, as we see on the Oxford definition, the term decal refers more to transfer from one surface to another, so we can tell the difference: a “traditional” sticker is one piece, meant to be removed from its backing paper and stuck wherever you want; while the decals tend to have multiple pieces due to its clean background, and are designed to be transferred from the paper that holds them to the destination surface.

Are car decals legal?

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That will depend on where you live, what you’re using the decals for and where in the car is the decal located. States tend to completely ban decals on the front windshield, or restrict them to be smaller as possible so they can’t obstruct the driver’s view. Laws about the use of decals for advertising purposes depend on whether the vehicle is registered as commercial or personal. But again, regulations comes to every State.

Since car decals are a perfect way to promote your business by just driving or parking. Therefore, make sure to be aware of local laws and regulations  concerning its use.

Are Car Decals reusable?

Litter Decal

Short answer, no. Although there is some types of decals that can be reusable, those aren’t the best option for vehicles since these are under the constant action of the weather. If you need a reusable option, we recommend Clings. Clings are a type of sign that adheres to a surface using static electricity rather than an adhesive backing.

Car decals, inside or outside?

Car Decal in Windshield

Short answer: The Outside. Although there’s some decals designed to be on the inside of your windows, most of them are printed on vinyl, specifically designed to hold up against all weathers.

How to remove car decals?

Hair Dryer

In most cases is as simply as peel them away. But for those complicated ones, below are simple the steps to effectively remove of old decals.

  1. Clean the decal and the area surrounding it with soapy water and a cleaning cloth.
  2. Warm it up with a hair dryer to release the adhesive.
  3. Scrape up under the sticker with a plastic card at an angle.
  4. Once removed, use glue removal products applied to a clean cloth and carefully clean the glue residue.
  5. Wash with soapy water again to remove any remaining dirt.

If you want to boost your business with vinyl made to meet to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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