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Choosing the right monument signage for your brand

To promote your business, choosing the right signage can make a big difference. In this guide, we’ll explore different types of monument signage, factors to consider when choosing the right one, and how to design and create custom signs that accurately reflect your brand and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Wood Monument Sign

Types of monument signs

Let’s learn about four common types of monument signs to choose the right one for your business. Each of these has its advantages. Discover which one fits your needs best.

  • Freestanding monument signs

    Freestanding monument signs are a prestigious choice for businesses seeking a strong presence and high visibility. Made of durable materials like stone, brick, or metal, placed on a foundation or base, and customizable with logos and graphics.

    These signs identify buildings and serve as practical wayfinding tools, making them a valuable investment for any business looking to establish a commanding presence in their community.

  • Pylon signs

    Pylon signs are a bold choice for businesses looking to make a statement. Made of metal or plastic, mounted on tall poles, and can be illuminated. They’re often used for directional information, such as marking the entrance to a business or complex. And they’re also customizable with logos and graphics, ideal for increasing visibility in high-traffic areas.

  • Blade signs

    Blade signs, also known as feather signs, are popular choices for businesses that want to make a powerful first impression.

    They can be illuminated or non-illuminated and custom designed with logos, graphics, and other information. Blade signs are the right option to increase your business’s visibility and establish a strong presence.

    Blade sign

  • Single-Building Signs

    Single-building signs are a perfect choice for businesses or organizations that want to make a statement with a single sign. These signs are typically installed near a building and designed to be highly visible and durable.

    They also can be illuminated or non-illuminated and can be custom designed to include logos, graphics, and other types of information.

    Single Building signage

What to consider when choosing a monument sign

When choosing a monument sign, there are several factors to consider:

  • Location: it should be placed in a high-visibility area.

  • Design: it should be consistent with the overall aesthetic of the business and the surrounding area.

  • Materials: it should be built on durable materials that can withstand weather conditions.

  • Size: this should be proportionate to the surrounding area.

  • Illumination: it is an essential factor in visibility at night.

By considering these factors, businesses can make informed decisions when choosing a monument sign that will effectively communicate their brand and message.

Designing and creating custom monument signage

Designing and creating custom monument signage is an essential step in effectively communicating your brand and message:

  • Consult a professional designer to create a design that reflects your brand and the surrounding area.

  • Choose proper materials and sizes that will withstand weather conditions and be proportionate to the surrounding area.

  • Add illumination, if desired, for increased visibility at night.

  • With the help of a professional, businesses can create custom monument signage that effectively communicates their brand and message, making a lasting impression.

In summary, by consulting with a professional designer, selecting the appropriate materials and size, and considering illumination options, businesses can design and create custom monument signage that accurately reflects their brand and leaves a lasting impression on their audience.

Elevate your brand’s presence in the community with the strategic selection of monument signage. Allow our team of experts to guide you in the personalized design and creation of a sign that accurately reflects your business and leaves a long-lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to receive a complimentary consultation and a free estimate.

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