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LED vs Neon Signs – Find Out Which One Is Better

Are you wondering what makes LED and sign (neon) to be different? You’ve come to the right place! Although experts have lots of arguments for each, we will explain everything about both signs in a comprehensive manner. This article will let you know the difference between both and help you make your own choice.

Neon sign

There is a main characteristic to differentiate a neon sign; the glass tube (handcrafted) where it usually comes in. These tubes have been crafted in beautiful ways. However, they need to be handled with utmost caution since they can be easily broken.

If the tube gets damaged, their inner flow will be interrupted. That’s why these signs came with an “open circuit protection”. This will prevent unwanted accidents from occurring. With a protective feature such as this, most businesses prefer to make use of Neon signs. 

LED signs

LED and sign

These signs are created using Light Emitting Diodes technology. To create a steady and constant source of light, LEDs are strung closely. Compared to Neon lights explained above, they tend to offer more protection and are lighter.

On the other hand, once broken, they’re particularly difficult to fix though. As a matter of fact, the fixing process must be manual to ensure nothing goes wrong. In such cases, the faulty or damaged glass tube will be replaced.

When a neon sign is glowing, the colors usually vary. This is quite different from LED signs whereby the emitted colors are solid. 

Energy efficiency 

Person holding a bulb

Comparing LED and sign (neon), it can be said that the former is more energy efficient. LED uses less secondary power compared to Neon sign consumption. Large neon displays can require over 10,000 volts to run smoothly. LEDs on the other hand, only require about 24volts, which is quite impressive. 

For large outdoor displays, LED signs will prove to be a better option. This is because they can help you save lots of money on energy bills. However, do not forget that Neon signs tend to send clearer messages across as compared to LED. In a simple stand: they are more appealing. 

Their cost 

Person considering options

There is one major factor which determines the cost of neon and LED signs: its size. However, LED signs will save you about 10% as compared to Neon. The most important thing here is to find out the option that can meet your business needs.

Just as we said above, neon signs are more appealing. They emit lights that most people consider to be welcoming. LED lights may be very bright, but they lack that feature, that’s why most business owners consider neon. 

Final thoughts

Having seen the above, it is obvious that LED and neon signs are quite different in many ways. They both have their pros and cons which you need to take into serious consideration before deciding on which one to choose.

We understand that this can be a serious task. That’s why we offer free estimates for any kind of signage project. Or just contact us and let us know your ideas. We will give you all available options, highlighting the best for your project.

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