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Banners and Flags for Business

Banners and Flags for Business

Big corporations and businesses have used banners and flags for years. They are such a great option to increase visibility. They have become one of the most beneficial marketing assets for most industries. These sorts of advertising are classic and highly customizable, and that’s why they are so popular even nowadays. Stay with us to have a closer look at Banners and Flags.

Why are Banners and Flags so convenient?

Banners and Flags help you improve your business presence at very reasonable prices. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that represents your business best.

According to the International Sign Association, those businesses using flags, banners, or both report a sales increase of 10%. It happens because signage attracts customers, reminds them of your establishment location, creates impulse sales, etc.

But that is NOT it.  Flags and Banners can be used to highlight an event and offer a steady ROI (return of investment). They go with businesses such as restaurants, daycare centers, hospitality, retail, real states, and much more.

real state banner


Displaying Banners and Flags

Your flags and banners should be visible from anywhere. Getting lost in the mix of other signage, if you will, is something you need to avoid as much as you can. Choosing the right location will make the difference.

They also should be legible. Just choose the right colors, fonts, and graphics. They will work together to create an attractive signage. Find the right balance; these design elements shouldn’t compete between them while being seen.

What Are The Types of Flags?

There are several kinds of flags out there. Let’s talk about the most popular ones.

Teardrop Flags

There’s not much to explain about the shape of these flags, they’re like an upside-down teardrop. These flags won’t flap in the wind because they have no free edge and are completely tense. All this means that it will work perfectly placed indoors or outdoors.


teardrop flag

Feather flags

Feather flags are perfect to attract people’s attention from a distance. They’re attached to a pole like any other flag, which allows them to flutter and flap in the breeze.

They are portable and printed on polyester; the pole is made of fiberglass and strong enough for outdoor use. These flags have the shape of a feather, that’s where they got their name. Feather flags are really popular among businesses and corporations of all kinds.


feather flag

What Are The Types of Banners?

Now let’s see some of the most popular types of banners!

Step and Repeat

Surely you have seen this banner in the past. Step and Repeat banners display an image over and over again. These are used primarily as covers for press meetings. They are a very efficient way to subtly promote your brand.

Hanging Banners

There’s nothing more eye-catching than a big sign hanging above people’s heads. Hanging banners can deliver an enhanced impression and visibility. They are commonly used in festivals, fairs, opening ceremonies, announcements, and parties, and although their installation might require a bit of effort, their results are fair enough.

Retractable and Pull-Up Banners

If you have a presence at malls, festivals, or people gathering events or need an excellent retail sign. These banners are for you. They are about 6 feet tall and come in many shapes and widths. You can choose the best for your needs. On top of that, they are easy to take from one place to another.


retractable banner

This is just a brief review of what you need to know about Banners and Flags. If it helped you, then let us know and leave a comment! Contact us if you want to add some banners and flags to your business. We also offer you free estimates!

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