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Top 6 outdoor signs for business

Are you deciding which might be the best outdoor sign for that new store of yours? Here at Sign Express, we have created a list with our sincere opinion of the best outdoor signs for business. Any could be a suitable option, but to make this list useful for yourself, consider 3 things while reading it: the message to convey, your business type, and how long the sign will be displayed. With this in mind, you will be able to choose the best one for you.


Starting our list of best outdoor signs for business are the banners. There are tons of commercial ideas that you can create within this variant. They have many upsides: like its versatility; every design is doable on a banner and they can adopt many forms. They also are accessible; being able to be ready to use in less than a day from production to installation. And they are also perfect for seasonal use; allowing you to have a stock for many purposes, and easily change it according to the moment.


This type of sign is lower on our list because is not suitable for every kind of business. Regardless of that, monument signs can lead to powerful results in business recognition, brand consolidation and territorial business demarcation. They are usually ground level, relatively low profile. But monuments can be built with almost any material. Concrete, bricks, wood, metals, or plastics; they are meant to be integrated with your building aesthetics, creating a prominence brand presence. They have the power to let the audience know where they are easily, welcoming them with its clear distinction.


You might not think of theses when you visualize outdoor signs for business but think again. Vehicles drive around everywhere, that’s why vehicle wraps are among the most effective signs. This is true not only for business with home services (where it is almost a must). Regardless of your niche, you can turn your, or any vehicle, into a moving billboard, spreading your brand strategically. All you need to do is choose the optimal vehicle, design the right artwork, and install it properly. You will get thousands of views every time that vehicle rides.


We enter the top 3 with a classic one. These signs are typically on the entryway and can be quite versatile, allowing almost any sign idea to come to life. Flat panels, dimensional letters, painting, sculpting and even negative space can fulfill this purpose; that versatility is why almost every business has its own. They also accept a wide variety of weather resistant materials; this meant a long-lasting solution to enlarge your brand. This huge versatility has another advantage: you can personalize every detail according to the message to convey and the audience to reach. This means that they are suitable for any purpose, not only brand presentation.


More than a type of signage, this is a boost for many outdoor signs for business. Lighted up signs add more visibility and impact to the message, especially at night. They can be channel letters with internal lighting, a lighted acrylic box, LED, or the classic Neon. All of these have an upper visual impact thanks to its lighting contrast. The first ones have some more versatility since they can be turned off at daytime and still convey thanks to its shape. Also, only night lit helps to reduce your energy costs.


Our gold medal for best outdoor signs for business, especially if you have a front facade. These signs have almost every positive aspect that we already see. They are cost and time effective to produce; design, print and go. Versatility and creativity up to the top; any shape and design is allowed, so all messages and purpose are achievable. Long-lasting solution if is professionally crafted and installed. And they can even be lighted up in some scenarios. If you have a window in your business, make sure your designer is considering his/her job. Regardless of the shape and size is almost certain that you will be able to use it to boost your brand and business aesthetic.

Hope our list has helped you to know the best option of outdoor signs for your business. We also have FREE ESTIMATE and expert designers ready to give a personalized opinion. If you want to know exactly how long it will take to have any installed contact us!

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