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How to Make Real Estate Signs

When it comes to making the right real estate signs, there are many options of shape, size, material, style and placement; but the really important thing is to frame it within your brand strategy. In signsexpress we know that a sign is both the call to your target and an ambassador of your brand, that’s why we want to give you all the tips you need to reach your ideal real estate sign.


Real estate signs are one of the most cost effective marketing tools. Even when they may seem old-fashioned, truth is that they bring the required attention, especially with the correct graphics and messaging.

Two colors of Real Estate Yard Signs

Readability. The main goal of signs is to communicate. So, no matter how extravagant or unique your sign is, make sure your design choices won’t affect the sign’s readability. A clear message is a must, but if the viewer can’t understand what it says, your sign won’t attract visitors. As a general rule of thumb, never use more than two different fonts in a single design.

Branding. As we said, a good sing should be an ambassador of your brand, so, a good strategy should feature your company’s logo on your sign. Even more, by law every state has its specific legal requirements form signs, forcing then to feature specific information. Be sure to check your state’s department of business to make sure your sign is good to go.

Color. When it comes to design o get a real impact from a sign, color conveys a brand. The color choices you make can be the difference between an illegible message and a sign that stand out from the crowd. So when you pick your colors stick to principles of design to make your sign attractive and keep with your company colors schemes to make memorable. A good starting point is from your primary brand color, and with contrasting colors that will make your sign pop.


A good first impression is key, this is why your real estate signs are one of your most valuable advertising tools. It’s important that they can make impact on your target audience.

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Materials. Make sure your signs are constructed of durable and sturdy materials to avoid bending and breakage and endure weather. Metal real estate signs are far more durable and can save costs in the long run, so is a good choice for reusable signs. On the other hand, corrugated plastic it’s a lightweight, sturdy board perfect for externally located professional real estate signage.

Size. The standard size is 18 x 12 or 18 x 24. A bigger sign means a bigger message across, so we recommend 18 x 24 since itll be more visible from further away, but all depends on your strategy and target.

Placement. Where to locate your sign might seem trivial, but is key on the strategy. A bad location or moment can lead to loose many viewers. So, make sure to choose a visible spot, put out your signs early on the week, and to use social media for support your open house advertising. Design elements can also help to highlight your sign, like adding light bulbs for night time hours.

Always Check the local laws for advertising regulations. The California state have an outdoor advertising act (from October 22, 1965); it regulates post signage, printed materials and near highways. 

There are many options to create and locate your real estate sign within your market strategy; we hope you find these tips helpful. In signsexpress we are ready not only to help you to create your sign, but also to frame it within your marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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