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Signs types you should add to your restaurant

At a restaurant, it is crucial to create the right atmosphere. There are several ways to achieve it, and signage is an essential one. Given all the different uses signage has at a restaurant, you will be able to provide the customer experience you’re looking for. But what types of signs should I get for my restaurant? – You may be asking. Well, that’s what we’re telling you today. Keep reading to find out!

Why is signage so necessary in the restaurant industry?

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Here we’ve got to be completely honest. Signs are a crucial part of the business when it comes to restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you have an incredible place with a top-notch menu and outstanding customer service. You have a problem if you have no proper signage at your establishment.

Signs make a difference. Whether they’re used to indicate to people where the bathroom is or where to pick up their food, using the proper signage will help them understand how the place works and will give them that feeling that they’re in control of the situation.

Different signs for your restaurant

Let’s take a look at the different signs you can and should add to your restaurant!

Fascia Signs 

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Fascia signs are meant to let people know where your place is. They are essential if your restaurant is a bit off the main routes or just to let people know where your establishment is.

They can be practical to bring in passing trade and to provide insights about what sort of restaurant is yours. A Fascia Sign in line with your business identity might make a huge difference.

Opening Hours Signs

opening hours sign

Showing your opening hours will help you get more clients and keep them. If customers know when you’re working, they’ll go by that time. On the other hand, you might dissatisfy them if they are unaware of your schedule because they’ll probably go when you’re closed.

This situation might happen several times. And in those cases, they’ll probably go to your competitors’ places more frequently.

Street Signs

street sign

Maybe you have seen them before. Most restaurants place them in front of the establishment. Street signs allow them to highlight some special menus and promotions. Therefore, they get more customers into the place.

Order at the Bar Signs

bar sign

If yours is one of those restaurants with bar service instead of waiter service, these signs will come in handy.

Traditionally, people go to a restaurant, sit at a table, and wait to be served by a waitress. Avoid upsetting your customers due to misunderstandings by having signs clarifying the type of service you’re offering. Order at the bar signs is the best way to help this.

Directional Signs

directional sign

Sometimes, customers can get lost when going to a big restaurant. So when needing to go to a specific area, they can start wandering around trying to find your facilities. This way, a couple of directional signs will be helpful to avoid this. Besides, it will take the pressure off the staff by not being stopped and asked for directions.

It’s more than clear that having good signage for your business is important to get new clients, but when it comes to restaurants, it becomes crucial. Here at Signs Express, we offer you a wide variety of signs to install at your restaurant. If you want to know about our free estimates, just contact us. Our professional team is more than ready and willing to serve you.

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