Why Is Important to Choose the Right Color for Your Signs?

Nowadays, advertising is crucial for every business to catch customers attention, visibility is a very important element for outdoor and indoor signs. Many studies have shown that each color psychologically influence 85% of the people when deciding to enter or not in a store, and buying or not a product.

Colors are capable of affecting our mood and decisions, which is why you must consider choosing the right color for your signs when doing your marketing and advertising investment and strategy. You can make a positive impact and get more attention from customers if you implement the right color choices. In this article we want to share with you some of the reasons why is important to choose the right color for your signs.

How colors influence people?

  • White: this color is related to clarity, cleanliness, peace and purity. It is great for combining with other colors to get a balance, it also acts as a clean slate that can spark creativity.
  • Red: this color is one of the most used, it is great for food signs as it encourages appetite, also related to urgencies which is why is usually used for sales or clearance. Passion, impulse, power, excitement are some of the feelings caused by red signs.
  • Blue: This color transmit confidence, peace and calm. Usually used for business, corporative brands and personal care. Productivity and trustworthiness are associated to blue color when customers look your sign.
  • Green: using green signs are common for nature-oriented and eco-friendly business. Freshness and health are associated with this color, it cause a relaxing effect, estimulating harmony in the brain and balancing emotions.
  • Yellow: A risky color, associated with happiness, alert and warm. It promotes enthusiasm and is usually used for signs targeted to children.
  • Black: black signs are seductive and powerful. Strength, intelligence, mysterious are some elements associated to black signs commonly used in fashion campaigns. This color is perfect to combine with another to get a perfect sign.

Pink signs are romantic and more feminine and gray signs are more neutral and negative. Those are some of the most common and commercial colors used for signs and advertising.

The right color for your business sign
Color is a powerful tool for design. Others factors like visibility, that means the expected view distance and background color, are also important to evaluate attending to combinations of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Just take a look at Mcdonalds sign as an example, notice what their colors means and how they catch customers attention.
Making your sign easy to read and appropriated to your business audience is the best you can do.

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