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Channel Letters to Boost your Image

Channel letters signs are a three-dimensional signage composed by large individual letters. They are a great way to promote your business since its individual building design ensure the most visibility, and at the same time, allows to implement many design modifications to create an eye-catching sing in in all kinds of places. Here you´ll answer the common questions about Channel Letters and learn how they can boost your business image.

Channel Letters Sign

What is a Channel Letters sign?

Since Channel Letters sign are characters in a 3D individual structure they can be simply defined as a set of characters combined within a sign presentation. Characters include letters, numbers, symbols and others while the presentation means that they allows wide variety of colors, fonts and sizes together whit logos, images, background and lighting to creates a unique design that lets customers immediately connect with your brand.

Also, they are made using aluminum sheeting, and acrylic, long-lasting materials that helps them maintain its appearance through time. All these elements, especially the separate illumination, comes for a clean finished look that suits every kind of business.

Channel Letters Sign Customization

Channel letters can be customized to fit the conditions and meet the needs of every particular place. And generally, there are 4 main types:

  1. Front-Lit Channel Letters:

    Front-Lit Channel Letter Sing

    The standard type. Front-lit use neon or LED to, through a translucent acrylic layer, illuminates the front face of the sign. Is the most common type of channel letter and works perfectly during day and night.

  2. Reverse-Lit Channel Letters:

    Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Sign

    Also known as back-lit. This type It´s characterized by being mounted away from the wall, causing a halo behind the sign.  They are or halo-lit channel letters. Reverse-lit channel letters have a metal face. The back of it is covered to prevent birds to build a nest inside the channel letter.

  3. Combination-Lit Channel Letters:

    Combination-Lit Channel Letter Sign

    This type is a mixture of 1 and 2. It features an acrylic front face with a clear back, which allows to contrast the front illumination against the backlighting. This combination creates some of the most eye-catching sings.

  4. Open Face Channel Letters: This sing expose the neon illumination by opening the front face view. By allowing your visitors to see the internal lights you can create a vintage or handmade look.

Some bullet points to take in mind

  • Before considering any storefront sign, like channel letters, check what is required. Not only about your local legal requirements, but also on your lease agreement.

  • Keep the long term in mind. Channel Letters are a long-lasting signage. So first, consider the best sign you can afford by evaluating your advertising budget. A $3,500 is cheaper than a year of $10/day advertising plan. Second, cheap is expensive. Using low quality materials will result in a less effective and durable sing. And third, be sure about the way you want to go. Since its price and durability, is better to sweat the details and be happy whit all of them.

  • Seek professional advice. Ask all the question to the sign maker about types and materials. Consider a designer to get a view about the particular details of your store front to develop a design. After all, make sure about your colors design to check if your sign will be UL approved.

SingsExpress offers a full service custom sign provider, not only Channel Letters. We are in the Orange County (and its surroundings), California. If you want to know more, contact us!

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