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Neon Signs. Outstanding Results on Enhancing Places.

Neon signs have been a classic since their appearance over a century ago. Easy to recognize from far away, they are excellent for giving greater visibility to all kinds of elements. Also, although they bring out their best at night, when placed correctly they can be powerful at all moments. In this article, we’ll explore the details you need to know, and we’ll give you ideas on how to get the best results from your neon signs.

How neon signs are made

Neon signs are made with 3 elements: The glass, the electrical components and of course, the noble gas.

As with any good sign, it all starts with the design. Once the idea has been determined and the details decided, everything begins by heating the glass. This allows the tube to be bent and twisted into any shape, a process that’s done by hand. In some cases, it is also necessary to join multiple pieces to achieve the desired shape.

Once the tube is obtained, it is filled with various noble gases (neon, krypton, xenon, helium, argon). The combination of these gases will determine the color in which the sign shines. Since this was already decided from the design process, at the same moment the tube is ready, it is filled with the gases. Then, the ends are sealed incorporating an electrode in each one.

On one side there will be a positive electrode, and clearly, on the other end there will be a negative one. This will allow an electric current to pass through the tube, triggering a chemical reaction in the gas and achieving the desired glow.

Key features

  • Energy consumption: Like everything in these times, neon lights come with a 240v transformer. They consume the same as a traditional domestic light bulb, between 60 to 100 Watts.
  • Life span: Traditionally manufactured neon signs have a life expectancy of 8-15 years. However, this time can be extended if the correct preventive maintenance is carried out. It is a simple process for which we have made a guide that you can follow and make sure you are taking proper care of your signs.
  • Non-polluting: Although LED options consume less energy and are therefore more sustainable, neon is a gas naturally present in the atmosphere. Additionally, it does not react with other elements unless it is subjected to high energies. This means that there is no risk in case of glass breakage, and that the environmental impact in case of leakage is zero.

How to take advantage of your neon signs

Neon sign. Sing, don't cry

Setting the Mood: Thanks to their high customization capacity, neon signs can be used to create specific environments. With words you can directly convey a feeling, but also the colors and their contrast will help you convey the desired vibe.


Highlighting Items: Sometimes we have an object or a space that is key to our decoration. Neon signs can give those pieces the necessary accent. You just must consider what the key item is to decide the shape and light color of the sign.

Contrasting with Dark Elements: Similarly to the previous point. The less color a space has, the better your neon sign will look. This does not mean that it must be a shadowy corner, many times a black wall is more than enough.

neon Signs at fog

Surpassing Foggy Nights: A specialty of neon signs. Thanks to their brightness and color they can penetrate very deep into the fog. Placing these signs on the outside of your place will help you not go unnoticed to nay eyes, even in the worst weathers.

Would you like to have a neon sign in your establishment or at your home? We are ready to make the perfect sign for you. If you have an idea, contact us! We offer free estimates.

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