Big companies still use signs

Why big companies still use all kind of signs

Several times I have come across people who believe that because some big companies has earned a place in the market, it won’t need to invest more in advertising. They seem believe this because, in some way it is an “already known” business. If you are one of those, this article is for you.

Today we will use two of our great allies’ pictures as an example to answer why even the largest companies continue to invest in all kinds of signs. In addition, we will highlight the strengths of their amazing signs to show you what you should seek to emulate.

Why to keep using sings?

First, let’s answer the question. Having already achieved the number one position in your industry, why is it still necessary to maintain your signs?

Your signs and all your advertising, rather than conquering and selling, are a tool to communicate. Every day is different. Your customers’ needs are the present ones. Believing that by having achieved something before, you have it insured is a mistake that can cost you dearly.

Growing up is just a natural part of the process. To stay on top, you need to constantly communicate how you can solve those needs. Your signs are one of your main hooks to keep your community aware of your presence. That you are there, within reach. If you neglect your position, your competition will surely take advantage of it.

But one truth is obvious. There is a notable difference between the communicative power of big and small brands. Let’s see then how large companies take advantage of the ground gained to enhance your branding effectively.

Tips to convey like a big company

  1. Less is more

    This is a thumb rule that apply for all aspects of advertising; simplicity is efficiency. A key action that you can note on big companies’ designs is simplicity all over. This allows to achieve a better convey of the message or the branding. Design your signage as simple as possible, and you’ll get that and the advantages of the second bullet point…

  2. Signs to remember

    If you apply the prior thumb rule, another highly valuable benefit will be that your signs will be easier to remember. Return clients are extremely valuable to large businesses, therefore they place particular care on being remembered.

    How can you make your company’s signage more memorable? Use design aspects to make your signs as easy to see and remember as possible, from vivid colors to a simple logo that sticks in people’s minds.

  3. Each design for a moment and with action in mind

    This another thumb rule: make your signage action-oriented. Great signs are designed and written to give a very precise message to their target audience. Make sure all your signs are built with action in mind. Design a sign for each occasion. The perfect sign will be different if you are opening a store, if is summer or winter, and even if you are close or far from your usual area.

We hope we have shown why larges companies still use any kinds of signs. We also invite you to notice the relationship between the image galleries and the tips that we’ve recommend. For any questions about how you can improve your signs or which one to design for a particular occasion, we are here for you. We offer free estimates!

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