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Benefits Of Light Box Signs for Your Business

The advantages of making a light box signs for your business range from visibility to impact. Although it seems impossible, it allows you to achieve better results while saving on energy, spare parts, and maintenance. An option that will allow you to enhance your reach and your possibilities, since its levels of customization are among the highest. Continue reading to learn more about everything that light box signs can do for your business.

What is a Light Box Display?

light box for business

Light boxes are displays that, essentially, light up their content from behind. Most businesses like to place them outside, as a top signage or nearby, where anyone close enough may clearly see them. However, this does not mean that they won’t work on indoor places. Light boxes are an excellent way to enhance and impact in every scenario.

You may not have noticed, but light boxes are everywhere. Advertisements at bus stops or train stations are usually illuminated. Many companies use them to enhance important signage, such as their logos or emergency signs. In clothing stores, we always find photos of models illuminated from behind. The increase in effectiveness that light boxes give to signs is evident, that’s why they’re everywhere.

Just a quick example of how you might use one. A light box for your business that has signs on both sides can be the perfect transition between two areas. It can also be near your front window and serve both to capture externals and captivate internals. Or if it is placed out front, it will pick up everyone no matter which way they are moving.

Advantages of light box signs for business

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  1. Top visibility 24/7
    Today’s light boxes are made of LED lights, which free them from traditional lightbulbs limitations. Light boxes are the best way to increase a sign visibility. It is a powerful marketing strategy not just for highlighting the art, but because a lighted sign will work for your business at all hours. The more exposure you get, the more opportunities you’ll have. A strategically placed light box will be noticed by both, cars, and pedestrians.
  2. Excellent ROI
    Compared with other types of advertisements and thanks to its visibility, durability, and efficiency; an LED light box will always have a return on investment that exceeds the initial investment. This is the major reason why businesses opt to use it.
  3. Optimal power consumption
    Light emitting diodes (LEDs) consume an absurd amount of energy compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs. Not only LEDs produce stronger light, but it also has a wide range of colors without using filters. Since usual light box remains on 24/7, it makes more sense to use LED light boxes to optimize power consumption.
  4. Low maintenance requirements
    Lighted signs are made of materials that are extremely durable and can withstand long periods of use and environmental exposure. Thanks to its 50,000 hours lifetime, getting an LED signage means that you won’t even bother about changing the bulbs in half a decade. This also saves all the pollution associated with bulb changing.
  5. Environmentally friendly
    Optimal power consumption and lower maintenance requirements means a lower carbon footprint. LED light boxes let you reach that objective while improving the quality of your advertising. On a practical level, your business becomes more sustainable
  6. Simple and easy installation
    One of the main advantages of lightbox displays is how simple they are to install. In most cases there’s we just need to install the frame. The hardest part is to choose the perfect location, on the ground, the wall, or the roof. One set it up, is to add our sign, plug and switch it on.
  7. Completely customizable
    Together with its simple installation, LED light boxes are very versatile. We can easily change its parts to achiever more powerful outcomes. The quick one is to adjust the light colors. But is also super quick to change the artwork. Even replace its panels is an option to get a different finishing.

These are the main advantages of light boxes for business. Has anything caught your attention? Contact us, we offer free estimates so you can discover how affordable it is to make the perfect sign a reality.

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