Love at First Sight: This Is Why You Need a Logo for Your Business

Love at first sight is the perfect phrase to describe why you need a logo for your business. Your Logo is the first image your customers relate to your business, brand or product. A logo is a unique distinction, a way to be identified from the competence and to define your market and purpose.

A logo is an idea, and like so, a great idea can have more power than you imagine. No matter if you are starting up, you have a small company, or if you already are big enough; your logo can be so powerful that everyone will want to know more about you.

You Need More Than Just a Design
Did you know that one person can notice 3 thousand advertising impacts per day? Since you wake up and brush your teeth, dress up and go for a walk you receive advertising information from the logo of your tooth paste, your clothes, freezer, food and many other products. Being different and unique is the key to have a great logo, making your product represent not just a brand but a lifestyle.

Your logo design has to be versatile, easy to remember and to understand what are you selling or offering. Using the right colors depending on your audience is crucial, besides, your logo must answer the questions “what?”, “who?” and “Why?”.

Simplicity is the key of a knowned logo; just take a look at some famous brands such as Nike, IBM, Apple, Renault, and many others that are distinguished by their simplicity, elegance and colors combination. Connecting people with your brand is an ability that just depend on creativity and expression power of your graphic designer.

A Strong First Impression
There is only one chance for the first impression, people will remember you or forget you, but you need to make your logo an amazing first introduction to your business. Get your logo leads the horse to water; impressing and seducing your audience without losing your sense and simplicity must be its goal.

Never influence yourself with fashion and trends, define what you are offering and who your audience is; this will create brand loyalty and it can be used all the time. Each logo is a new world of possibilities and there is no criteria to create one, you only need to precise your product and audience to create magic.
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