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Pros And Cons of Signage Direct Printing

Surely you already know that different types of signs work for different situations. But did you know that how it is printed is also decisive for optimal results? At SignsExpress we have prepared an article for you about direct printing for your signage. This is a kind of obvious solution that will boost your sign quality, give them better colors and durability over time.

What is direct printing?

Printer doing a direct printing sign

As the name suggests, direct printing means to print the graphics directly onto the surface of the sign. Seen this way it is easy to think, what is so special about this? Isn’t it normal for signs to be printed on themselves? And although this is true for non-rigid materials (fabric, paper, vinyl, etc.), other rigid materials such as plastic or aluminum have some ink resistance.

The quick and traditional solution for this is to print a custom vinyl to overlay the tricky surface. Which is somehow similar to signage with car decals or window vinyl. Although this is an acceptable solution for some cases, current direct printing techniques allow us to overcome these problems. Today it is possible to print on almost any flat surface, regardless of the material. And many times, it is the only way to ensure that ADA standards are preserved on your signs over time.

Direct printing advantages

A room with direct printed signs
  • Long-lasting durability and scratch resistance.

    This is the main advantage of direct printing for two main reasons. These signs do not have a graphic layer that can be damaged or misplaced. Also, the physical properties of its ink and the effects of the printing method will improve the graphic strength. These mean greater durability at outdoor environments, and top resistance to the usual damages that occur during transport, storage, and installation.

  • Finer details and sharper colors.

    Due to the same previous characteristics direct printing can achieve the finest and sharpest colors. Also, since this is a fast-dry method, it helps prevent ink from spilling, running, or bleeding over the final design. These are key features to strike an effective eye-catcher sign.

  • A more sustainable option.

    Thinking sustainably is not just the current mainstream, but the path to a possible future. On the one hand, direct printing methods are based on UV technology, which has a lower environmental impact. On the other hand, direct printing requires much less materials and processes as we will see in the next point.

  • Cheaper than you think.

    If you believe that cutting edge technology is equal to higher cost, think again. Direct printing acts right on the sign surface, no additional materials or processes are necessary. Therefore, there is no need for a vinyl layer, adhesive, glass covering, or professional installation. At the end, all these savings translate into a lower cost of the final product.

  • Quick and easy production.

    This advantage is the obvious consequence of all the previous ones. Direct printing saves time and budget in processes and materials achieving the final product. Thanks to this, manufacturers can create larger quantities in considerably less time.

Direct Printing Disadvantages

Despite all the above, this technique is not a universal solution. Despite being a standard for all our prints, there is one situation when it is advisable to consider other options. This case will be where a temporary sign is preferred instead of a permanent one.

Direct printing will not allow you to reuse your rigid material for new signs. That’s why for temporal signage it clouds result more affordable in the long run. For instance, if your sign is going to be updated each season, it might be worth considering using a durable base and professionals to remove and install new vinyl according to the season.

As a closing thumb rule, direct printing will work better for permanent signage. Like the ones on our photos, signs are a boosting piece among your place’s decorations. Using wisely can lead you to a long-lasting appeal for your business. If you would like to talk about which option will suit you best, get in touch with us! We have free estimates ready to make true your dreamed signs.

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